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Derbyshire Dry Gin

Peakys Distillery creates a Derbyshire Dry Gin, by hand, with love and care in very small batches. Its made by me Zara.

Everything you see and taste is the product of a lifetime of experiencing delicious and beautiful things and wondering if I could share my love of making by creating a few moments of enjoyment for others.

Sometimes you have to start from the very grains of an idea to make a new beautiful thing.

The alcohol for this gin is made by an eight day fermentation process with the most wonderful High Peak water. Its the marriage of botanicals, the pure nature of the ingredients, the careful distillation and the bespoke creation of each bottle, by hand, that makes it distinctive and notable.

Flavour notes - tropical floral, citrus with a active Juniper burst. My Gin, now your gin, loves the bitterness of grapefruit or fragrant lime, and old fashioned lemonade and, of course, a classic tonic.

Savour the flavour in small measures and allow the fragrance to fill your glass. Its a pleasure to create it and a joy to drink it.

Share it or have a selfish moment.........Peakys..its perfectly clear.

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Peakys Derbyshire Dry Gin 20CL ALC 44% vol


Peakys Derbyshire Dry Gin 70CL ALC 44% vol